About Us


In the heart of Amish Country, where the song of the hammer meets the rhythm of nature, I found my life’s passion. I am Joe Yoder, the hands and heart behind Yoder Cabinetry.

In a world where many choose the easy route of salesmanship, we at Yoder Cabinetry remain steadfast in our calling as master craftsmen. To us, every slab of wood carries a story. It’s in the vibrant hues, the intricate textures, and the silent language of its grains. When we shape this wood into a cabinet, we aren’t just building a piece of furniture; we are sculpting an artwork that’s as functional as it is beautiful, crafted to withstand all that daily life has to bring.

Our Amish heritage has blessed us with time-honored techniques, ensuring every piece that leaves our workshop in Dundee, Ohio, is a testament to unmatched beauty and quality. From kitchen cabinets to bathroom vanities, specialty cabinets to custom built-ins and furniture, our creations are more than just woodwork; they are an embodiment of our tradition, skill, and love for craftsmanship.

Choose Yoder Cabinetry and experience a world where cabinetry is not just about storage but about preserving stories, crafting memories, and celebrating the union of form and function.

In sincere gratitude for letting our art find a place in your home,

Blessings to you,


We are a small family-owned and operated, full-service cabinet shop, in business since 1977, we build all our cabinets (custom) especially for you, we will work with any species of wood in any design you want, in any stain or paint colors, we offer a wide variety of hardware. We also install over a wide range of area to complete that special touch If you are looking to add the beauty and functionality of custom cabinets to your home, look no further than Yoder Cabinetry. Using time-tested traditions in woodworking, we create unique cabinetry that is unmatched in beauty and quality.


Although we specialize in custom cabinets, don’t think that cabinetry is all we do. We are masters in working with all types of quality wood and creating a wide variety of customized woodworking projects. Whether you are looking for cabinets or a custom piece of furniture, we promise to make your vision into a reality. When you work with us, we will create a design to meet not only your personal style, but also the everyday needs of you and your family. At Yoder Cabinetry, our philosophy is if you can dream it, we can create it. These are some of the unique, customizable products we offer:


With your vision and our woodworking skills we can transform your home into your dream space. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what Yoder Cabinetry can do for you.